I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones
-Albert Einstein (contemplating nuclear devastation)

Declaration: Read it, Endorse it!

Please support the Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone. After reading and reflecting on the declaration below we hope you will endorse it, either individually or officially representing your organization. We will list all endorsers on this page.

You can endorse The Zone by either sending an email to subversivepeacemaking@gmail.com or using the comment section on this page. For individual endorsement please include your name, city and state. For organizational endorsers please include the name of the organization first, along with city and state, and the person representing the organization and that person's title.  If you live outside the U.S. please also list your country.

We welcome not only your endorsement, but also your comments and ideas. Email Leonard Eiger, subversivepeacemaking@gmail.com, Coordinator, Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone. The Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Declaration has the full support of Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action's Stewardship Council.

Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Declaration

The Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone is a campaign of interested and concerned citizens who seek to bring attention to the dangers of nuclear weapons both locally and globally, engage civil society to work for global abolition of nuclear weapons, and publicize measures that the U.S. government must take to lead in the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The basis for the Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone campaign includes international laws, treaties and resolutions; statements of nuclear weapons experts, former diplomats and military officers; and scientific studies that warn against any use of nuclear weapons.

We the undersigned, in solidarity with others around the world working to abolish nuclear weapons and as a statement in opposition to the U.S. government’s continued reliance on and development of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems, hereby declare Puget Sound to be a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

We assert our right and duty as citizens acting in good conscience, good faith, and in keeping with both U.S. law and International humanitarian law, to establish this Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

We support the right of cities, counties, states, nations and groups of nations to establish nuclear weapon free zones. We applaud those that have previously established such zones, and call on all elected officials to establish nuclear weapon free zones.

We call on the U.S. Government to refrain from producing, acquiring or in any other way possessing nuclear weapons and nuclear explosive devices and from permitting the stationing of nuclear weapons or their delivery systems in the Puget Sound region.

We call on the U.S. Government to place its nuclear weapons facilities in Puget Sound under International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards.

We call on the U.S. Government to declare its support for the establishment of the Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

We further call on the government of the United States to set an example to other nations by immediately initiating good faith efforts to engage in multilateral negotiations toward complete, global disarmament, and honoring previously negotiated treaties including but not limited to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Initiated on this day, March 17, 2011 by:  Leonard Eiger
                                                                   Bix Bichsel, SJ
                                                                      Tom Shea


Organizational Endorsers (listed alphabetically)
*American Friends Service Committee Pacific Northwest, Seattle WA, Susan Segal,      Regional Director
*Casa Maria Catholic Worker Community, Milwaukee WI
*Catholic Worker House of San Mateo County CA, Lawrence P. Purcell
*The Community of the Third Way (an Every Church a Peace Church affiliate), Duluth MN
*Culture of Peace Committee, Dominican Sisters, Grand Rapids MI
*Dominican Sisters - Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids MI, Joyce Ann Hertzig, OP, Leadership Team - Justice Committee Liaison
*Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Poulsbo WA
*Home for Peace and Justice, Saginaw MI, Joan McCoy representing
*Individuals For Justice, Portland OR
*The Jonah House Community, Baltimore MD, Sr. Ardeth Platte, Sr. Carol Gilbert, Elizabeth McAlister

*Latin American Cultural Assoc. Inc., Buffalo NY, Santiago Masferrer, founder
*The Neahtawanta Research and Education Center, Traverse City MI, Sally Van Vleck &   Bob Russell, Co-Directors 
*Nevada Desert Experience, Las Vegas NV, Jim Haber, Council and Coordinator
*Newaygo County People For Peace, Fremont MI, Gloria Switzer, Facilitator
*Nuclear Resister, Tucson AZ, Felice & Jack Cohen-Jappa
*Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation, Olympia WA, Glen Anderson, Steering Committee 
*Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace (OMJP), Tacoma WA, Patti Imani representing
*The Peace Farm, Amarillo, TX, Jerry Stein, President of the Board
*People for Peace, Justice & Healing, Tacoma WA
*Phil Berrigan Catholic Worker House, Des Moines IA, Frank Cordaro

*Tacoma Catholic Worker, Tacoma WA

*Traditions Fair Trade, Olympia WA, Dick Meyer, Owner
*Trident Resistance Network, New Haven CT, Stephen V. Kobasa, Facilitator
*Veterans Against Torture, Gordon Sturrock representing
*Washington Code Pink, Ann Kittredge representing
*Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, Cherie Eicholz, Executive Director

*Women in Black, Seattle WA

Individual Endorsers (listed alphabetically)
Sue Ablao, Poulsbo WA
Karen Ahern, Binbridge Island WA
Bob Aldridge, Santa Clara CA
Janet Aldridge, Santa Clara CA
Jorge Andrade, Mercer Island WA
Vera Backstrom, Naches WA
Chris Barry, Renton WA
Patti Bass, Poulsbo WA
Rosy Betz-Zall, Seattle WA
Kate Beveridge, University Park MD
Cory Blakslee, Seattle WA
Bert Bokern, Seattle WA
Jay Bollman, DuPont WA
Louise Bollman, DuPont WA
Rodney Brunelle, Kenmore WA
John Burroughs, New York NY
Robert J. Burrowes Melbourne, Australia
Tom Carpenter, Seattle WA
Margaret Casey, Seattle WA
Carl Classen, Seattle WA
Brenda Clement, Seattle WA
Felice & Jack Cohen-Jappa, Tucson AZ

Peggy Coleman, San Jose CA - PLC
Joseph R. Colgan, Kent WA
Sara Contreras, Federal Way WA
Dave & Barb Corcoran, Des Plaines IL
Carly Crabb, Seattle WA
Susan Crane, Tacoma WA
Jerry Crangi, Seattle WA
Eloise M. Cranke, Des Moines IA
Lynda Cudlip, Graham WA
Rebecca Dare, Burien WA
Brad Del Matto, Sammamish WA
Lorelle Del Matto, Sammamish WA
Bowen Dickson, Kingston WA
Alina Dollat, Gouvieux FRANCE
Kathleen Dommer, Tacoma WA
Alicia Dressman, Kansas City MO
Jandi Dunlap, Tacoma WA
Dennis DuVall, Prescott AZ
Anabel Dwyer, J.D., Mackinaw City MI
Laurence Ebersole, MA, Seattle WA (counselor/advocate/poet)
Cheryl Eiger, North Bend WA
Anita Ensley, Redmond WA
Deanna Erickson, Seattle WA
Stephen Evans, Port Townsend WA

Nancy Farrell, Tacoma WA
Christine Foster, Seattle WA
Linda Frank, Tacoma WA
Paul Fredrickson, Seattle WA
Peg Gallagher, Omaha NE
Sr. Carol Gilbert, The Jonah House Community, Baltimore MD
Kat Gjovik, Bainbridge Island WA
Kevin Glackin-Coley, Tacoma WA
Susan Gleason, Seattle WA
Mary Gleysteen, Kingston WA
Joy Goldstein, Vashon Island WA
James Gray, Tacoma WA
Lynne Greenwald, Tacoma WA
Robert Grimm, Seattle WA
Dorothy Grupp, Seattle WA
Cameron Guillery, Mercer Island WA
Elizabeth Hansen, Seattle WA
Rev. Phillip S. Harrington, UMC, Snoqualmie WA
Kristy Havens, Tacoma WA

Karen Havnaer, G Street Community, Tacoma WA
Jeanne Hedington, Seattle WA
Philip Heft, Kent WA
Tom Herring, Washon WA
Elaine Hickman, Seattle WA
Barbara Hill, Elbe WA
Michael Hill, Elbe WA
Michael Hines, Seattle WA
Thomas Hodges, Seattle WA
Fr. Jim Hoffman OFM, Chicago IL
Karen Hoffman, Seattle WA
Cheron Homan, Seattle WA
Robin Hordon, Kingston WA
Jackie Hudson, OP, Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Poulsbo, WA
The Rev. Dr. Beryl A. Ingram, Sr. Pastor, First UMC Bellevue WA
Steve Jacobs, St. Francis Catholic Worker, Columbia MO
Linda Jansen, Seattle WA
Alan Johnson, Tacoma WA
Mack Johnson, Silverdale WA
James M. Kearney, Tukwila WA
Ashley Michael Karitis, Bend OR
Laura Karlin, Lakewood WA
Tom Karlin, Lakewood WA

George Keefe, Edmonds WA
Norm Keegel, Bainbridge Island WA
Stephen Kelly SJ, Oakland CA
LA Kendall, Seattle WA
Karen Kent, Seattle WA
Bonnie Kidd, Burien WA
Cliff Kirchmer, Fircrest WA
Ann Kittredge, Quilcene WA
Gary G. Kohls, M.D., Duluth MN
Marta Konstacky, Seattle WA
David Korten, Bainbridge Island WA
Rev. Rich Lang, United Methodist Church/Seattle WA
Carl Lawrence, Seattle WA
Harry D. Leavitt, Seattle WA
Cynthia Lorch, Tacoma WA
Ruth Lorenz, Edmonds WA
Marianne Mabbitt, Silverdale WA
Jody Mackey, Olympia WA
Douglas Mackey, Olympia WA
Nikko Macklin, Seattle WA
Jane MacNeil, Tacoma WA
Patrick Maguire, Seattle WA
Megan C. Martone, Seattle WA

Elizabeth McAlister, The Jonah House Community, Baltimore MD
Mike McCormick, Seattle WA
Anita McKone Melbourne, Australia
Brenda McMillan, Port Townsend WA
Charles A. Meconis, Seattle WA
Bert Metzger, Seattle WA
Bernie Meyer, Olympia WA
Glen Milner, Seattle WA
Karol Milner, Seattle WA
Anne Montgomery RSCJ, Redwood City CA
Bradford B. Morrison, Seattle WA
Debra Morrison, Seattle WA
Shirley Morrison, Seattle WA
Lynn Nadeau, Port Townsend WA
Oranda Nelson, Seattle WA
Chrissy Nesbitt, Baltimore MD
Bill Opfermann, Burien WA
Joan O'Reilly, Seattle WA
Steve Palin, Jr, Oak Harbor WA
Cathy Palzkill, Poulsbo WA
Lela L. Paterson, Seattle WA
Sara Pelfrey, Redmond WA
Sr. Ardeth Platte, The Jonah House Community, Baltimore MD

Lisa Poitras, Snoqualmie WA
Tyler Poole, Seattle WA
Joe Power-Drutis, Tacoma WA
Theresa Power-Drutis, Tacoma WA
Lawrence P. Purcell, Redwood City CA
Bill Quigley, New York NY
Dorli Rainey, Seattle WA
Megan Rice, SHCJ, Nevada Desert Experience, Las Vegas NV
Pamela Rivers, Seattle WA
George Rodkey, Tacoma WA
Tom Rogers, Poulsbo WA
Bob Russell, Traverse City MI
Lang Russel, Port Townsend WA
Sam Scharff, Seattle WA
Helen Schroeder, Rochester MN
Claudia Gross Shader, Vashon WA
Sallie Shawl, Lakebay WA
Gregor Smith, Tacoma, WA
Jack Smith, Seattle WA
Greg Speltz, Seattle WA
Marge Steffens, University Place WA
Rachael Stevens, Tacoma WA
Gordon Sturrock, Eugene OR

Jean Sundborg, Seattle WA
Gary & Gloria Switzer, Fremont MI
Joeph Szwaja, Seattle WA
Kathleen Thode, Seattle WA
Robert C. Thode, Seattle WA
Brooke Thompson, Bainbridge Island WA
Don Timmerman, Milwaukee WI
Roberta Thurstin Timmerman, Milwaukee WI
A. Tomlinson, Mercer Island WA
Cliff Vancura, Bainbridge Island WA
Tracy Vancura, Bainbridge Island WA
Sarah van Gelder, Suquamish WA
Sally Van Vleck, Traverse City MI
William Wahl, Seattle WA
Joe Walsh, Portland OR
Brian Watson, Bremerton WA
Cliff Wells, Lynwood, WA
Brent White, Seattle WA
Robert Whitlock, Olympia WA
Kathy Wilmering, Seattle WA

Robyn Wilson, Issaquah WA
Rebecca Wolfe, Edmonds WA
Adam Woog, Seattle WA
Alan Woog, Mercer Island WA
Sam Wright, Seattle WA
Alice Zillah, Olympia WA

Note: To add your endorsement to The Zone, simply use this page's Comment form and tell us your name, city and state (for individuals).  If you represent an organization please provide the organization's name, city and state, as well as the name of the person representing the organization (and title if you wish).  Thanks! 


sally@nrec.org said...

Please add us to the list as an organization:
The Neahtawanta Research and Education Center
1308 Neahtawanta Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49686
co-directors: Sally Van Vleck and Bob Russell

Please add us as individuals at the same address as above:
Sally Van Vleck
Bob Russell

Claudia Gross Shader said...

I would like to endorse the Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.
Claudia Gross Shader, Vashon WA

Unknown said...

Laurence Ebersole,MA ; Seattle, WA (counselor/advocate/poet)


Rodney said...

Disarmament Begins At Home

Rodney Brunelle, Kenmore, WA

alina dollat said...

I would like to endorse the Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

alina dollat gouvieux france


Jody said...

Please add us to the endorsement list for PS Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

Traditions Fair Trade
Olympia Wa
Dick Meyer, owner

Jody Mackey, Olympia WA

Douglas Mackey, Olympia WA