I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones
-Albert Einstein (contemplating nuclear devastation)

Bangor 2nd Explosives Handling Wharf

The Navy continues to move ahead with plans for a Second Explosives Handling Wharf (EHW-2) at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.  

If you are asking "Why the heck does the Navy need a second wharf???" you are on the right track. The Navy already has a very functional explosives handling wharf that adequately handles the current submarines based at Bangor.  In fact, it is quite probable that the Trident missiles on the subs based at Bangor are currently carrying half their nuclear warhead capacity.  Furthermore, based on the Navy's plans for replacing the current Trident submarine fleet, there would be fewer subs and fewer launch tubes per submarine.  Hmmm...  Something doesn't smell right.

GZ,s Tom Shea reminding us that the Navy wants "your input."

Glen Milner of Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action has been hard at work mounting a legal challenge to the new wharf.  Click here to read the June 19th News Release announcing the filing of the environmental lawsuit.  Click here to view the original complaint filed with the United States District Court, Western District of Washington at Tacoma.  Click here to read the fact sheet on the lawsuit.

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action and Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility came together to file the lawsuit.  They asked for an injunction to stop construction.  Since the original filing the Suquamish Tribe filed a separate lawsuit also asking for an injunction to stop wharf construction.  The Suquamish have since pulled out, and Judge Leighton ruled against GZ's motion for a prliminary injunction.  

Glen and Ground Zero are not discouraged by this initial setback.  Work continues on the case, and I will update this page as events unfold.

The Seattle Times took a serious look early on at the plan for a Second Explosives Handling Wharf, and asked the question, "Is the nuclear-sub fleet a "Cold War relic" or a modern deterrent?"  Excellent question!!!  Read Plan for new Navy wharf at Bangor fires up nuke debate, by Kyung M. Song, of the Seattle Times Washington Bureau, January 8, 2012.

Additional Media Coverage of this Issue

What's another 3.7 million pounds of explosives on the Sound?, By Martha Baskin, March 12, 2013, in Crosscut.com, includes an audio interview with Glen Milner, the driving force behind the push to stop construction of the Second Explosives Handling Wharf.

Judge's order making documents secret complicates Bangor wharf lawsuit, By Ed Friedrich, The Kitsap Sun, Posted January 11, 2013

Judge won't stop construction of second wharf at Bangor, By Ed Friedrich, The Kitsap Sun, January 11, 2013

Judge denies motion to block new munitions wharf at Bangor, By Kyung M. Song, The Seattle Times, January 11, 2013

Save Navy jobs by cutting explosives wharf project, Feb 6, 2013, By Glen Milner, Op-Ed in The Kitsap Sun

Groups Fight Bigger Nuke Base in Puget Sound, By June Williams, Courthouse News Service, June 28, 2012 

Lawsuit filed over Navy's proposed wharf at Bangor, Kitsap Sun, June 20, 2012, By Christopher Dunagan.

Navy munitions wharf at Bangor: Where are the jobs?, The Seattle Times, June 20, 2012, By Kyung Song.  This article begs the question, "Does all the money spent on 'defense' contracts really help create a strong, sustainable economy???"

Judge's order making documents secret complicates Bangor wharf lawsuit By Ed Friedrich Posted January 11, 2013 . Read more: http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2013/jan/11/judges-order-making-documents-secret-complicates/#ixzz2SMy85LLG Follow us: @KitsapSun on Twitter | KitsapNews on Facebook

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