I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones
-Albert Einstein (contemplating nuclear devastation)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Join Ground Zero for a Tea Party at Bangor this Saturday!!!

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action (GZ) is expanding its annual Mothers Day weekend activities in an effort to wake others up to the real meaning of Mothers’ Day.

We invite you to join us on Saturday, May 10th, as we recapture the original intention of Mother’s Day (for Peace) and continue our work in resistance to Trident and towards the abolition of all nuclear weapons. We also invite you to share our creative Mother’s Day leaflet with people all around Puget Sound the week before the Mother’s Day weekend to raise awareness and invite people to join us.

The leaflet contains excerpts from Julia Ward Howe’s famous Mothers’ Day Proclamation and an invitation to a special Mothers’ Day tea party at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, Silverdale, Washington the day before Mother’s Day. Information on (and a link to) the leaflet is at the end of this announcement.

On Saturday, May 10th, people will gather at the Bangor gate at tables with table cloths, cups, saucers, tea, and cookies. The gathering will involve a reading of Julia Ward Howe Mothers’ day Proclamation and much more.

The Seattle Raging Grannies will incite the gathering to (nonviolent) action with their wonderful and catchy tunes around noon!

8:30 AM – Coffee and tea will be available for early arrivals

9:00AM – The day begins, and will include an orientation to Bangor and Trident, nonviolence training, entertainment, and preparation for the festivities at the gate.

Please bring an item to share for potluck lunch. We also invite you to bring cookies or cupcakes to share at the event at the gate–we anticipate offering to drivers and guards, as well as others.

The fun at the Bangor gate will take place after lunch, and we will be back at the center to end the day by 4:30 PM.

We invite everyone to distribute our Mother’s Day leaflet over the course of the week before our event to make people aware of the original intention of Mother’s Day and to invite them to our Mother’s Day weekend event. You can download the leaflet by clicking here.

The leaflet (see example below) is a PDF document, with two leaflets per page. Printing suggestion: Print a test page first to be sure it lays out properly when you cut the sheet in half. When printing in Adobe Reader we printed “Actual Size”, and the document fit the page perfectly when cut in two.

You can print them, cut them in half, and voila, you’re ready to hand them out wherever you wish – at work, at the bookstore, coffee shop, bus, ferry, or just about anywhere you can think of. You can even tack them up wherever you find a bulletin board.

Click here to download the leaflet for printing.

If you have questions about our Mother’s Day event or the leafleting you can send an email to either gznonviolencenews@gmail.com or info@gzcenter.org.

Click here for directions to Ground Zero Center.

Please Note: If you are concerned about the risk of arrest, please rest assured that only those who choose to risk arrest by engaging in direct action on the roadway either blocking the entrance gate or crossing the line onto the base are at risk for being arrested. Our events are always of a nonviolent nature and assisted by trained Ground Zero Peacekeepers who help ensure a peaceful vigil and the safety of all participants.

Bring your nonviolent spirit and join us for a great day of nonviolent resistance to Trident!

This year's GZ Mother's Day leaflet