I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones
-Albert Einstein (contemplating nuclear devastation)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Peace Fleet meets U.S. Navy at Seafair on August 3rd in Elliott Bay

Local activists will stage a water-based nonviolent protest against the glorification of weapons of war at the Seattle Seafair festival.  Peace activists will meet the U.S. Navy fleet in Elliott Bay around 1 pm.

Other peace activists will meet on land near Pier 66 on the Seattle waterfront at the same time for a nonviolent demonstration against weapons of war.  Demonstrators on land often meet: on the rooftop of the four story Bell Harbor International Conference Center at Pier 66 with the Navy band and Seafair dignitaries; on Pier 62/63, the open pier just south of Bell Harbor Marina; or between both locations.

The Seafair fleet arrival is a celebration of warships in our harbor and helps to promote the normalcy of modern war.

The fleet arrival at Seafair is a public relations and recruiting event for the U.S. Navy.   Previous years have brought Trident nuclear submarines complete with nuclear warheads and Navy warships used to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles in the first and second Wars on Iraq and the War on Afghanistan.  The fleet is displayed for four days in downtown Seattle at tremendous cost to taxpayers while crucial social services in education, health care, and transportation are being cut for lack of funds.

2011 will mark the 10th year the Peace Fleet has met the Navy at Seafair.

Contacts:    Glen Milner (206) 365-7865
                  Mary Gleysteen (360) 265-1589
                  Day of the event (206) 979-8319

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Anonymous said...

Look without US Navy ships you wouldn't have this site let alone your own life! I say GO with the plans! the nukes have kept peace in this world since WW2 when the US dropped the Two first and ONLY nukes on japan! so be happy you have a fighting force that is fighting for YOU and your dumb mockery of them!