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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Test Pile Program is a PILE!!!

The Navy continues pursuing its plans to build a $782 million Second Explosives Handling Wharf at the Bangor Trident nuclear submarine base. Although the public comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) ended on May 17th, the Navy is now soliciting comments on what it deems a separate project - a Test Pile Program for the very same wharf.  Essentially, the two projects are directly connected, and the Test Pile Program will cause needless damage to Puget Sound whether or not the wharf is ever built.

We still have an opportunity to change the direction of this project!  The Navy is quite likely having problems with the environmental review as well as the project.  If you oppose the Navy's plans, here's what you can do:

If you have previously commented on the Test Pile Program, please send your comment again (to the address listed below).

If you previously commented on the Second Explosives Handling Wharf, please send a revised comment or your original comment  (to the address listed below).

If you haven't yet commented on either project please write a brief comment explaining your opposition to the project, whatever the reason.

Comments will be accepted through June 8. They will only accept written comments by postal mail.  Send written comments to:

ATTN: Mr. Thomas Dildine - NEPA Project Manager
Commanding Officer
Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest

1101 Tautog Circle
Silverdale, WA  98315

Click here for more details and Glen Milner's excellent, detailed analysis of the Test Pile Program at our Act Up page.  Glen clearly shows how the Navy, in pushing through the Test Pile Program, has failed to follow both the intent and letter of the law.  

Click here to watch video of all the public comments at the Seattle public hearing on the Second Explosives Handling Wharf. 

Click here to read previous posts on the Second Explosives Handling Wharf.

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